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Our mission is to encourage and empower young students to confidently seek out and secure leadership roles in all of their initiatives. WWIL strives to foster the leaders of tomorrow that cultivate equality and change, and aid members of Western University’s community in pursuing their career goals.

Established in 2015, Western’s Women in Leadership is a rapidly-growing, student-run organization that strives to inspire young leaders at Western University in London Ontario. We host events such as keynote speeches, interactive workshops and forum discussions, panel sessions, networking and recruiting events, and more. These opportunities help expand students’ understanding of equality and what it takes to be a great leader.


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Micah Ton


International Relations

Laura Chu

VP Communications

Ivey Business School: Honours Business Administration

Priya Parihar

VP Conference

Honours Specialization in Sociology

Cristina Salvati

VP Events

Honours Double Major, BMOS: Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Science

Shala Gupta

VP Finance

BMOS: Accounting

Kersti Landra


Media, Information, Technology and Political Science

Sahaana Kuganesan

Visual Director

Media, Information, Technology

Evelyn Creary

Social Media Director

BMOS and Spanish

Ashley Ottogalli

Web Developer

Software Engineering

Rachel Quon

Marketing Director


Sudiksha Singh

Conference Director

Biology and Psychology

Kyleigh Stubbs

Director of Speakers

Health Studies

Isabel Tansey

Visual Director


Ahalya Ravieshanker

Director of Conference


Samantha Richardson

Director of Finance

BMOS: Accounting

Madison Lipson

Director of Events

International Relations

Zoë Sun

Director of Projects


Susan Sami Gorganroodi

Director of Speakers

Political Science

Alida Greco

Alumni Network Coordinator

BMOS and Environmental Science

Maclaren Forrest

Director of Grants

BMOS: Economics

Olivia Tsihlias

Director of Sponsorship


Helen Tang

Director of Sponsorship/Finance


Braidyn Pointon

Director of Finance

Actuarial Science

Kate Whibbs

Director of Sponsorship

BMOS: Accounting


WWIL hosts a wide variety of events that engage and support all students at Western University. If you are interested in hosting an event with us, please reach out using the links below. Please include your name, company, and if applicable, a brief description of the event you are interested in hosting with us. Alternatively, our team would be happy to work with you on finding an appropriate event.


WWIL is hosting our fifth annual conference on March 28th, 2020. If you are interested in becoming a conference sponsor, please see our sponsorship package above and send us a message using the link below. Please include your name, company and level of sponsorship you are interested in providing.